miles davis was cool
you know it we know it
but these corn kernels + chipotle crush
these hit a little different

they're warm and spicy
sweet in a smoldering way
salty like your uncle that threw vinyl miles onto the record player and told you how everything was better back in the effing day

and yes they're crunchy

so you're sitting on the sofa
watching the game
watching a movie
watching your toenails grow
and you realize that something is amiss

that perfect snack
the one you didn't know you needed
has eluded you

until now

potato wedges + cheddar dust
finger friendly so you don't get distracted
enough cheese to please
and on point to satisfy
you and your sofa situation

let's get the elephant in the (mush)room out of the way

these are mushrooms
not shroom shrooms
but mushroom crisps + bbq smoke

a single serving
will still brighten your day
make you feel warm and fuzzy
with micro moments of euphoria
after each earthy bite